Get yourself aware With The Problem Of Hair Loss

1553_what-causes-hair-loss-in-womenIn this present scenario, the problem of hair loss is very common amongst all the women. The female pattern hair loss in women is growing day by day with the advancement of age. The women those who are affected by this problem face lots of social distress and disappointment. But in most of the cases, they are treated medically after their diagnosis. The 2ae3b3a800000578-3176646-image-a-1_1438042479439pattern of hair loss for men and women are different from each other. Both get the different type of treatment for the re-growth of the hair and the treatment need to be continued for a long time. Some of them get the initial response after a year or every two years as well. The treatment is being monitored by applying clinical photography and by clinical severity scales.


The pattern of female hair loss has emerged by the preferred term androgen tic alopecia. It can be recognized by the decrement in the density of hair over the crown and frontal scalp. The features of the pattern of female hair loss are divided into three grades as grade I, grade II and grade III. This condition generates in women between 20 and 29 years round about 50% women. The problem of hair loss occurs in women due to the issue of psychological morbidity. According to some study, women are focused on their looks and outward beauty in comparison to men. As per the norms of society, the hair is more important part of women body and the identification of gender. The problem of hair loss can occur the feeling of low esteem amongst the women. They are very much stressed due to the decrement in their attractiveness. As per the trends, women are more suppressed in the social culture and spend quiet quality of life. They become more restricted to the house due to the problem of hair loss and tend to spend their rest of the life in house only. According to some survey, men are less likely to have the problems of hair loss rather than women. As per the ratio, 50% of people have mild hair loss problem and 75% have the usual type of hair loss problem in today’s scenario.


how-to-prevent-hair-loss-and-breakage-due-to-smoothing5There are some similarities between the female pattern of hair loss and men androgen tic alopecia. But the susceptibility may differ in age, rate of progression and pattern as well. Women are more conscious about their problem of hair loss. Women present the shedding of hair before the development process of hair reduction problem. It is the most detrimental factor in the attractiveness of their beauty and charm.

Despite all this condition, it is more likely to be seen in men rather than women. The female pattern of hair loss clinically detectable in women by the age of 29 years, 25 % is affected at the age of 49 years, 41 % are influenced at the age of 69 years and over 50 % are affected at the age of 79 years.